Demisch Danant Gallery

The new Demisch Danant Gallery in New York City’s Greenwich Village is a delicately refined showcase for rare and sumptuous gems of 20th-century design. The vibrancy of the pieces unearthed by Suzanne Demisch and Stephane Danant is complemented by travertine warmth and subtly articulated structural elements: an exquisite minimal backdrop with nods to the history… Read more »

Au Pont Rouge

A contemporary insertion in the historic Russian Jugendstil building reestablishes Au Pont Rouge as a preeminent lifestyle destination for St. Petersburg’s growing creative class. The expected shopping experience is subverted by locating the changing areas, conventionally relegated to the perimeter, within a centrally anchored spine. Circular clearings punctuate the floor plan and create dedicated spaces for hosting designer… Read more »

Gentle Monster NYC Flagship

Gentle Monster’s flagship store in SoHo signals the entry of the avant-garde eyewear brand in the US. The atypical application and detailing of traditional materials such as wood, metal and mirrors disrupt the notion of the expected retail environment. Precise geometries display perpetually reflected fields of eyewear and engage the customer in a conscious navigation… Read more »

Delfina Delettrez Boutique

Located in Mayfair, London, the Delfina Delettrez boutique sits as a jewel on Mount Street. The design showcases Delfina’s work in a seductive nature that is exuberant, Italian and very contemporary. Walls behind the display cases are lined with mirror, creating an infinity effect.  The malachite trompe l’oiel wraps the back wall of the space,… Read more »

Asia de Cuba

The new Asia de Cuba restaurant takes heed  from the classic ‘90’s fixture of the New York dining scene.  The restaurant creates a contemporary dining experience while blending subtle references to 90’s postmodernism and Cuban Art Deco.  The material palette hints at old Havana with its soft pastel hues yet remains sleek and modern in… Read more »

Nike 45 Grand

Nike 45 Grand is housed in a former auto repair shop in lower SoHo.  Through the large garage door, a round chapel-like wall comprised of frosted acrylic fins allows partial views into the space.  The largest single space at 45 Grand—the centrally-located gym—is flooded with natural light from a large skylight above and from the… Read more »

Greenwich Residence

This two-floor penthouse in the West Village is designed to be light, luxurious, and take advantage of the building’s art deco character. A restrained and muted palette is used throughout the space to act as contrast and counterpoint to contemporary art and furniture.  Details, such as cream hand-painted lacquer walls act as the backdrop to… Read more »

Olympic Tower Residence

This apartment in a Manhattan high-rise sequentially divides the space into three zones for living. Each of the zones; lounge, study and private chambers, are meant to frame and capitalize on their soaring view of the Manhattan cityscape. Within each zone, a subtle articulation of surfaces further defines space and reduces the need for additional… Read more »

Cartier / Shape Your Time

The Cartier Shape Your Time exhibit was developed as an immersive environment for hosting specialized events and dinners while highlighting male-oriented Cartier products. Placed within a suburban Japanese home designed by Tadao Ando, the exhibit was designed to cohesively interact with different spaces within the residential environment. On the ground floor, free-standing furniture pieces, such… Read more »

Kartell Bourgie Lamp

RDC/AAL’s version of Kartell’s Bourgie Lamp, originally designed by Ferruccio Laviani. Transparent Polycarbonate, Mirror, Neon.

NIKE / Get Fit With Us

This pop-up shop was developed to promote the Nike Pro 360 sports bra collection. The shop provides consumers with the unique experience of getting personally fit by a Nike specialist. These consultations take place within four faceted mirror spiral fitting rooms, each reflecting a dynamic surrounding environment of teal-blue gradient pegboard walls. The pegboard walls are… Read more »

NYC Makers: The MAD Biennial

As part of the Museum of Arts and Design’s NYC Makers: The MAD Biennial, Step-in One transforms a gallery space into a temple-like, nightclub. Though inspired by 80’s and 90’s club culture, the result is a transcendental meeting place that honors the evolution of NYC nightlife. At the center of the space, an altar-like structure… Read more »

Nordstrom Pop-In Heartbreakers Club

This pop-up shop was developed for select Nordstrom stores throughout the United States. The design takes its inspiration from the collection of menswear it houses.  An enticing, shifting moiré effect is created through the interaction of graphic patterns applied to the translucent blue exterior walls and the solid interior walls.  The rotated central volume creates… Read more »

Nordstrom Pop-In New Beginnings

This pop-up shop was developed for select Nordstrom stores throughout the United States. In honor of the New Year, a clean and minimal material palette was chosen to complement the theme of New Beginnings. The liminality of shear, up lit, perimeter curtains permits hints of what is to come, while simultaneously providing a soft and… Read more »

Nordstrom Pop-In Brite Lites Gift City

This pop-up shop was developed for select Nordstrom stores throughout the United States. RDC/AAL sampled from the industrial domain, and worked standard materials in an intricate manner to present a vibrant gift shop for the holiday season.  This contemporary cabinet of curiosities is wrapped in a skin of metal shelving and chain link fence, like a secret storeroom. Gifts are distributed… Read more »

Guillaume Store

Guillaume, a well-known home design shop, has relocated to 34 Rue Bonaparte in the fashionable 6th Arrondissement of Paris. The new shop sits within a beautiful Haussmannian limestone building. Black and white terrazzo floors, peach lacquer walls, and an illuminated brass ceiling envelop the ground floor, harmoniously introducing a fresh, graphic language into the traditional context…. Read more »

Artsy / Le-Cube All

A vide poche—French for empty pockets—is a valet tray or empty bowl used to collect change, keys, and daily miscellany. This object reimagines the thoughtful space where gentlemen once retired their watches and chains as they emptied their pockets at night.

Esoteric / Rafael de Cardenas for Rivieras

Rafael De Cárdenas has collaborated with Dan Amzalag, creative director of French footwear label Rivieras, on the design of this exclusive graphic leisure shoe. Using a range of bold color combinations and zigzag prints, the shoes are made from gabardine fabric with leather-lined insoles. The limited-edition line launched in June 2013 at London’s Dover Street… Read more »

Printing House / Furniture Collection

These eight custom furniture pieces for the Printing House reinterpret conventional form and technique while remaining relatable and sophisticated. An unexpected mix of form and material are juxtaposed to create a new a language for residential furniture.  The palette of materials includes: luxurious brass, walnut, grey-stained ash, ceramic tile, wool, and lacquer. The collection includes… Read more »

Design Miami / Furniture Collection

This table and bench collection for Johnson Trading Gallery’s Design Miami exhibition in 2012 explores material juxtapositions within reconfigurable form, as the independent tables may be assembled in multiple ways.   Each table and corresponding bench has a material identity: brass, copper, black ash, and bird’s eye maple.

Johnson Trading Gallery / Furniture Collection

This furniture collection commissioned by Johnson Trading Gallery re-configures the cubic form as the underlying structural unit.  Through rotation, mirroring and multiplication, each piece is composed from a simple set of relationships – cubes fastened by triangular or semicircular forms – that are both decorative and structural. This series is available in a variety of… Read more »

Horatio Residence / Coming Soon

This two-floor penthouse in the West Village is designed to be light, luxurious, and take advantage of the building’s art deco character. A restrained and muted palette is used throughout the space to act as contrast and counterpoint to contemporary art and furniture.  Details, such as cream hand-painted lacquer walls act as the backdrop to… Read more »

Temporary Pavilion 2011

This proposal for a temporary pavilion at the Venice Biennale  is an illuminated “home-base” pavilion situated within the Giardini grounds among the other pavilions representing individual countries. The pavilion is the larger of the two brand’s pavilions at the fair and is intended to showcase the brand’s legacy. The reflective and transparent facade aims to… Read more »

Barneys Window / Love Me and Leave Me

“Love Me and Leave Me”, inspired by Rainer Werner Fassbinder’s “The Bitter Tears of Petra von Kant”, was Architecture at Large’s contribution to Barney’s “Roomscapes of the Imagination”. The story – a sadomasochistic love affair – is told in three tableaux across the corner windows of the Barneys New York Madison Avenue flagship store. The… Read more »

OHWOW Cappellini Pop-up

OHWOW commissioned a series of temporary shops that focus on the use of industrial materials and all-over immersive motifs. The Cappellini Holiday pop-up alludes to a cellophane-wrapped present within the furniture showroom. Customers are immersed in brightly-colored, crisscrossing bands of stretch wrap which create a physical, but not visual, barrier between the pop-up and the… Read more »

Ford Models / Jungle Gym

The custom shelving unit is an architectural intervention that provides storage, display, and spatial division. Black powder-coated steel provides the structural framework, which wraps around existing columns to define boundaries. Walnut trays and parallelogram frames, which display literature and curated objects, may be moved within the steel framework to create multiple configurations. Independent cardholders supporting promotional headshots hang from the frame… Read more »

Nordstrom Pop-In French Fling

This pop-up shop was developed for select Nordstrom stores throughout the United States. In these shops, French-related products were hand-selected to act as cultural icons. The design mimics the manicured boxwood hedges and trellis work found in gardens throughout France. Re-working these traditional components in a contemporary manner provides contrasting moments of intimacy and permeability. Geometric forms of faux topiary… Read more »

OHWOW Athens Pop-Up

OHWOW commissioned a series of temporary shops that focus on the use of industrial materials and all-over immersive motifs. In Athens, the store front of an abandoned strip mall is transformed into a series of steps to nowhere. Painted with a dizzying array of stripes, visitors are left to differentiate step from display while perusing… Read more »

The Suzanne Geiss Company

“Antonio’s World”, a survey of the work of Antonio Lopez (1943-1987), showcases three decades of the artist’s polymathic creative output including never before seen drawings, photographs, and ephemera. 2 free standing walls create intimate spaces for viewing, allowing the participant to ‘meander’ and ‘explore’. A collection of custom geometric vitrines, softened by the integration of… Read more »

Wooster Street Residence

This Soho loft is the home to a productive New York artist and the owner of an influential fashion store in Miami, Florida.  In an effort to maximize light exposure, communal areas are aligned with a series of four large window bays. Massive display walls are situated throughout the apartment to showcase the couple’s large… Read more »

Park Avenue Residence

This 7,000 square foot apartment occupies a full floor in a classic, prewar, Park Avenue Building.  Surface treatments emphasize immersive patterns and bright color progressions. The fuchsia of the living room reemerges in the Venetian Plaster of the foyer. The black custom designed bed contrasts the room’s monochromatic purple. The color palette is specifically manipulated,… Read more »

East Hampton Residence

This small residence in East Hampton takes inspiration from the dizzying environments of sexually liberated lounge culture, playing with the balance between masculinity and femininity. Bold furniture, such as a Frankl chair upholstered in bright yellow silk and black piping, as well as an early Kagan chair in fuchsia with polished chrome studs, test this… Read more »

18th Street Residence

This East Village apartment is infused with eclectic furnishings placed amongst a backdrop of muted colors, hand-painted murals, mirrors, and floral prints.  Combinations of graphic elements and a unique color define each room: pink in the study, purple the living room, silver grounds the dining room, and nude in the bedroom.  The bright furniture displayed… Read more »

Niko Restaurant

A slender staircase leads up and into the center of Niko from Mercer Street in Soho. Overt symmetry dominates the spatial organization, while natural materials lend warmth and nuanced irregularity. A network of ropes intricately stitch across the ceiling and onto the walls, creating a graphic foreground to brick walls that surround the space.  Banquettes… Read more »

Standard Shop / OHWOW

Developed in collaboration with OHWOW, the Standard Spa gift shop features the turquoise palette of the OHWOW Book Club in New York in a more geographically appropriate shade.  Terazzo flooring, signature of many historic locations in Miami Beach, is used as a subtle backdrop to rigid geometric display units of white, black and turquoise-stripes. This… Read more »

4th Avenue Residence

In this New York City apartment, rich fabric, gold plated metal, and art deco details create layers of design that enlarge the perception of space.  These strong elements are softened with vintage French silver-leafed wallpaper and the use of hyper-feminine colors, which create dream-like fluidity through each room. Large Moroccan doors provide a focal point… Read more »

Black Ocean Firehouse

This converted firehouse, originally built in 1895, serves as an incubator for small tech start-ups. The five story space houses offices of variable sizes from executive pods, to 4 person private offices, to 16 person open offices. These multiple scenarios support a diverse range of start-up teams and allow for flexible groupings as companies come… Read more »

Temporary Pavilion 2013

Designed for a French jewelry manufacturer, this temporary pavilion’s geometry is abstracted from forms found in nature.  The vortex-shaped design creates spaces with varying levels of intimacy.  These moments are accentuated by the pavilion’s material form, which creates a play of light and shadow through the manipulation of mass and void.  Small openings in stacked… Read more »

Printing House

This narrow, two floor, one bedroom, apartment is located in the iconic Printing House building at 421 Hudson Street.  The unique floor plan was embraced and exaggerated to create moments of intimacy and discovery.  Venetian plaster is used as a ceiling surface treatment to add reflective depth to the low-height dining room.  A waxed gradient… Read more »


A collaboration with Imaginary Forces, this store re-shapes the retail environment into a three dimensional experience to become immersive, tangible, visual, and emotional.  The 750 square foot space is a physical expression of the HBO brand. Anchored by plasma screens and complimentary choreographed lighting, the multimedia-driven space first and foremost showcases HBO’s award-winning programming. Visitors… Read more »

Baccarat Madison Avenue

The design at Baccarat’s new Madison Avenue flagship extracts the delicate yet rigid details of finely cut crystal and executes them in an architectural manner. A bright, two-story glass-frit façade is patterned with arrays of triangles, creating a 3-dimensional illusion on a 2-dimensional surface.  Interior entry walls are wrapped in faceted strips of Macassar Ebony… Read more »

Wynwood Building

Located within Miami’s design district, the Wynwood Building hosts office and retail space, as well as galleries and collaborative studios. Designed as a cultural project to integrate the residential neighborhood and creative community at large, this building serves as a platform for public events such as markets, movie screenings, and art fairs.  The façade’s optically… Read more »

OHWOW Book Club

OHWOW Book Club is located below street level in a landmarked historic brownstone on Waverly Place.  This pocket-sized store uses classic, black & white, pre-war New York City bathroom tile to create a patterned landscape on the floor. Above this floor, shelving units are stacked in such a way that the negative space between elements… Read more »

Kutsher’s Tribeca

The 100-person restaurant and bar, located in the heart of Tribeca, is a modern interpretation of Kutsher’s Country Club in upstate New York.  Kutsher’s Tribeca channels the communal spirit of Kutsher’s historic dining room as a fresh take on the 1960’s canteen with bold geometry and rich materials. The warm-neutral palette is punctuated with rich… Read more »

Unknown Union

Unknown Union is a boutique retail experience that features an international roster of fashion collections. The shop’s design integrates architectural elements salvaged from the original 18th century colonial Dutch residential building that had fallen into disrepair. A ground floor maze of multi-colored ombré display units, columns, and shelves were produced using local artisans and materials…. Read more »

OHWOW Gallery Miami

An old warehouse was re-purposed for the creative collective OHWOW.  Inspired by World War I Dazzle Ships, the black-and-white stripes allow the building to stand out while simultaneously obscuring specific detail.  Designed for public events, the neutral interior serves as a platform for artistic work.  The black-and-white, fractal, floor pattern draws patrons to a large… Read more »

Charles Restaurant

The design of this restaurant creates intimacy, intrigue, and nuance through the composition of material, lighting, and space.  Bands of black mirror and marquee lights loom overhead. Below this reflective datum, a pocketed organization of rooms is filled with muted gray tones in suede and lacquer. Clean formal lines are juxtaposed with opulent materials, such… Read more »

AD France Artcurial

For its third year, AD Magazine hosted AD Intérieurs at Artcurial, themed “Voyages Imaginaires” in 2012 (Imaginary Journeys). The design consists of a dual living space for dining, working, and resting. Simplistic black and whites are infused with pops of rich eggplant, dark wood and teal, in the patterned carpet by Inigo Elizalde. In partnership… Read more »

Glebe Place Residence

The five-bedroom residence was renovated to evoke timeless luxury, balancing contemporary classics with the home’s historic character. Dark limed oak paneling lines the entrance hallway, providing a backdrop for double-height ceilings and a dramatic chandelier. A restrained palette of Portland limestone, hardwood, and natural materials is punctuated by vibrant accents of turquoise, fuschia, brass, and… Read more »

Ford Models / fordPROJECT

This penthouse in the historic Warren and Wetmore building is home to both the Ford Models Women’s Division and two floors of exhibition space for fordPROJECT. The design of the Women’s Division floor pays homage to the history of the building through a palette of Art Deco, Gothic, and Parisian themes. Hand-painted murals of exotic… Read more »

NIKE / Bowery Stadium

Nike Bowery Stadium is a highly adjustable space where visitors experience products, design, and innovation in the context of film, photography, art, and music. In the entry retail space, visitors are immersed in a field of pattern created by elaborately worked pegboard. In the main space, a series of polygonal modular boxes, built from pegboard… Read more »

Ubiq Shop

Customers entering UBIQ ascend a ramp into a space wrapped in pattern, creating a dizzying effect that creates a clear demarcation from the street and provides a backdrop for product.  In the main room, dozens of sneakers are highlighted on mirrored black shelves and in freestanding display units. A canopy of exposed light bulbs, linked… Read more »